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Eagle Water Damage Restoration Services has been helping homeowners, insurance agents, property management companies, and business owners in Baltimore, MD restore their property to its original state for more than 20 years. We can do any job, no matter how or small big. Whether you are a homeowner or a large business with a water, fire, storm, or trauma disaster, or a homeowner who just needs a good carpet cleaning before having family over for the holidays, we have the experience, knowledge, and tools to help you with your project.

Why is Eagle Restoration the best Restoration expert in the Baltimore, MD? From the first phone call to the final walk-through, you will get the best customer service that our industry has to offer. We do our work to the highest standards of quality and follow the best practices of the industry. We have the high-tech tools, technical know-how, and professional experience to take care of all your restoration needs. Our team is the best at fixing damage from floods, fires, and mold and is the leader in Eagle Water Damage Restoration when it comes to new ideas and customer service.

Our team has decades of experience, and we put care, knowledge, skill, and pride into everything we do. Set up to help you get your life back on track. Our people are what set us apart and give you peace of mind when you need it most.

Over the last 20 years, Eagle Water Damage Restoration Services has built its reputation on being quick to respond, paying close attention to details, and taking a personal approach to every job. If something does go wrong, we will help fix it. Guaranteed!

Damage to property is hard enough to deal with. When you call Eagle Water Damage Restoration, you can rest assured that we can handle the job from disaster to reconstruction, and we promise to look out for your best interests the whole time. We’re proud of our team of trained and certified professionals.

Water Damage Restoration

When there is water damage, it is important to look at the building materials and items that are holding on to water and come up with a plan for drying that is unique to each loss. Eagle Restoration Services has trained people and specialized tools that can look at water damage and find and fix all the places where water is staying. Most of the time, when there is water loss, there are more wet things than it seems. Even if you think the water damage is small or isolated, you should have a professional look at it.

Mold Removal

Mold Removal
Eagle Water Damage Restoration Services fixes water damage and gets rid of mold in both homes and businesses in the Baltimore, MD area.

Mold inside is usually caused by too much water or humidity in the air. Mold grows in every home, but too much mold or certain types of mold can be a problem for the people who live there and can sometimes cause or worsen health problems. Professionals in indoor air quality should be called in to deal with mold problems quickly and effectively. Eagle Water Damage Restoration Services has trained professionals on staff who can help you with things like improving the air quality in your home and getting rid of mold.

Fire Damage Restoration

The trauma of a fire is unmatched. Rapid fire spread means there is often little time to save valuables or get out of the way before professional help arrives. After the fire has been put out, it can be taxing on the body and mind to deal with the aftermath. When you’ve never been through something like this before, it can be difficult to figure out what to do next. Eagle Restoration has earned a solid reputation in  Riva, MD for providing prompt, thorough, and careful fire and smoke restoration services. Our highly trained and IICRC certified professionals are available at all hours of the day and night to help alleviate the stress of a fire disaster and assist with the cleanup, deodorization, repair, and reconstruction of your home or business.


There has never been a better time for households and businesses of all stripes to invest in disinfection services, since worries and attention to cleanliness have taken center stage in modern life. There is an infinite number of ways in which one can be exposed to and spread potentially disease-causing bacteria and germs. High-traffic areas with plenty of touchable surfaces can be a goldmine for spreading information quickly. It’s not just people that get sick from these microbes; they can live for days on surfaces. Disinfecting services are an ethical addition to normal cleaning that can help firms conform to emerging operational norms. We at Eagle Water Damage Restoration understand that the health and safety of your loved ones and employees is of the utmost importance, which is why we offer a thorough disinfection service to all of our customers.

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