Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration

During a fire, your top concern should be to evacuate yourself and your family outside the building. After you have ensured your safety and called for assistance from emergency services, you may begin planning your next course of action. How much did the fire grow? What kind of harm did your house or other property suffer? What steps would you take to make your property seem the way it once did? Many individuals don’t consider fire damage repair until they are dealing with a fire’s aftermath. Eagle Water Damage Restoration’s experts are here to answer any questions you may have. You certainly have many.

One of nature’s most obliterating powers is fire. It is devastating to both the structure and the contents of your house or place of business when you suffer this kind of loss. On top of the smoke damage from firefighting operations, most fire damages often include extra water damage.

You can get the help you need right now from our crew at Eagle Water Damage Restoration. The whole fire cleanup procedure is something that our team of fire damage repair experts is educated in. We have the required tools and can rapidly return your home to its pre-fire state.

The Fire Damage Restoration Process

Initial Emergency Call

Acting immediately can help you save money on replacement expenses, so contact Eagle Water Damage Restoration as soon as possible to have one of our highly qualified experts inspect your fire and smoke damage.

Assessment of Inspection and Damage

We will inspect the damage, make interim repairs to ensure the safety of your structure, and work with your insurance provider to make the restoration process go as smoothly as possible.

Boarding and Tarping

A fire might cause significant damage to various portions of the house. Furthermore, shattered windows expose your home’s interior to damage from the weather and trespassers. To safeguard compromised walls and windows from additional damage, our crew may board them up. If a piece of the roof is gone, we can cover it with a tarp to keep rain, snow, and other debris out of the house.

Removing Contents

If we conclude that any things must be transferred to a facility or a dry cleaner, we call this a “pack out,” and our specialists will carefully pack up the goods to be cleaned.

Removing Water Damage

Looking for water damage in a fire may seem illogical, yet they frequently go hand in hand. And just because you reside in Florida does not mean your home is impervious to water damage. For example, if the fire service used water to extinguish the flames, there will very certainly be water where the firefighters used the hose. Fires can sometimes expose and damage pipes throughout a home or building, causing them to leak throughout the structure. There is also a risk of mold and mildew growing if soggy things are not removed and dried as quickly as feasible. Our experts are skilled with mold and mildew cleanup and understand how to address water-damaged property to limit disease spread.

Removing Smoke & Soot

After dealing with water damage, it is important to focus on portions of the property that have been drenched in soot and smoke. This can spread to all surfaces in the house, not just those covered with cloth. Our crew uses specialized equipment to extract soot and smoke from the deepest pores of these surfaces, ensuring that the scents do not persist.

Cleaning and Restoration of Contents

Every salvageable item will be packaged and repaired, and any non-salvageable goods will be completely recorded for your insurance carrier.

Evaluating Carpets and Floor Coverings for Structural Restoration

We will assess carpets and floor coverings that may need to be removed. Treating impacted surfaces for smoke smells and sealing to prevent any remaining scents from escaping back into the building

Cleaning & Repair

Our teams are educated and qualified to clean smoke and soot-damaged objects. When smoke and soot combine with humidity and moisture, corrosive residue may cause considerable secondary damage.

Odor Removal and Deodorization

Our deodorization technique delivers a new degree of odor elimination for buildings damaged by fire and smoke, and it can remove even the most difficult odors.

HVAC Duct Cleaning

Following a fire, smoke, soot, and smells can linger, causing extra damage to your house and endangering your health. Our experience in air duct and vent cleaning ensures that the air in your house is clean.


The final phase in the fire restoration procedure is to restore or renovate the home to its pre-fire condition. This might include removing and replacing walls as well as installing fresh new carpet or flooring. For example, if your drywall was drenched while the fire was extinguished, it is no longer structurally sound and would most certainly need to be replaced. We will inspect your home for places that need to be rebuilt and will even handle the installation and painting for you. If the fire damage was severe, repair may include totally reconstructing a room or more.

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