Storm Damage Restoration

Storm Damage Restoration

To minimize more damage when a hurricane hits your house or company, you must begin the cleanup and recovery process as soon as feasible. Rely on Eagle Water Damage Restoration for a comprehensive work. Our personnel are experts in storm damage restoration and cleanup for both residential and commercial premises. Allow us to assist you in restoring your house or company after a storm, hurricane, or flood has passed through your region.

Cleaning up after a major storm is your first concern, but it may not be safe to do so without the assistance of a trained and experienced restoration specialist from Service Restoration. Our skilled crew has assisted several homeowners and business owners with all of their storm damage cleaning and repair requirements. We are prepared to assist you regardless of the origin of the disaster, whether it was significant floods, tornado wind damage, or a lightning strike on your home.

We provide emergency restoration services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and will respond quickly to your call to begin the storm damage repair and cleanup procedure. Our professionals will collaborate with you and your insurance carrier to guarantee that your house is fully restored without a hefty price tag. Before we begin, we will present you with a local estimate to assist you in planning.

Storm Damage Restoration and Cleaning Services

  • Storm Damage Repai

    Your house is your most valuable investment. We will go above and beyond to repair your property using cutting-edge techniques, technology, and approaches.

  • Disaster Restoration

    We are prepared to assist you regardless of the calamity. We specialize in a variety of restoration services to handle all aspects of your home's recovery.

  • Storm Damage Cleanup

    After a calamity, our staff will clean and repair your property. We provide storm damage cleanup services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Flood Damage Cleanup

    If not addressed promptly, water can cause serious damage to your house. We will respond within 30 minutes of receiving your call and will begin removing your damaged goods as soon as feasible.

  • Flood Damage Restoration

    Call Eagle Restoration to restore your house. We are IIRC-certified professionals that specialize in the restoration of your house following a significant tragedy. We have more than ten years of experience.

  • 24/7 Emergency Service

    We have extensive disaster management knowledge and will work rapidly to repair your house. Our staff provides crisis management services around the clock and will go above and above to assist you.

The Storm Damage Restoration Process

Tips for Storm Restoration and Water Cleanup

We do our best to get to our clients as soon as possible, but you may limit storm damage while you wait for us to come or while we finish a restoration operation.

First, ask yourself the following questions:

Is it safe for you to stay at your house or place of business?
Do water-logged goods, which may be extremely hefty, endanger your safety?
Which things can you safely complete while staying on your property?
Should you be concerned about tripping dangers or electrical hazards?

Don’t take any excessive risks; instead, wait until we arrive to assist you. Blot and clean everything once floodwater has infiltrated your property to remove extra water. We recommend that you clean off any excess water on wood furniture after moving goods from tables and on top of other furniture. At aid the drying process, remove and prop up damp cushions and upholstery, then turn on your air conditioner to full blast.

Place wood blocks or aluminum foil between saturated carpet and furniture legs to prevent long-term water damage. Remove any colorful rugs that are on saturated carpet. Additionally, relocate all wet art items to a dry location.

There are actions to take and actions to avoid. For example, do not leave leather items, furs, and other water-sensitive textiles exposed to further water damage. Instead, hang them somewhere they can dry. Colored products, magazines, books, loose papers, and the like should not be left on damp floors; instead, hang them with your leather goods and furs. You may believe that using your house vacuum to remove standing water is a good idea, but doing so might put you at danger of an electric shock. To accomplish a thorough job while protecting yourself, only use a vacuum designed exclusively for cleaning up water.

While inspecting your property for damage, pay special attention to your ceilings before entering rooms. Enter no locations where the ceiling looks to be sagging, as the water weight might cause structural damage. We also suggest against turning on ceiling fans, appliances, light fixtures, or anything else that uses power in your company or house.

Restoration of Storm Water

The secret to our success in storm damage repair and cleanup is that we do not approach each project in the same way. Instead, we adhere to a customized procedure tailored to each project.

When a potential customer first approaches us, we ask many questions in order to react quickly and clearly. When we arrive at your house, we assess the water damage from every perspective in order to develop a comprehensive restoration strategy that tackles every issue and better ensures success and your pleasure.

The next phase in our water restoration procedure is to use vacuums and pumps to remove as much water as possible to avoid the formation of mildew and mold, which may cause a whole new set of problems for you and your home if left uncontrolled. After we have removed as much water as possible, our professionals will focus on moisture that has crept into hard-to-reach sections of your property. Special equipment and developed processes aid in drying and de-humidification.

It takes time to dry and dehumidify. Meanwhile, we sanitize your fragile possessions using antibacterial treatments to return them to their original state. Our agents install fogging equipment and industrial air scrubbers to combat unpleasant scents caused by water.

The last stage is to restore your space by performing small and big repairs such as rebuilding portions of your house or replacing drywall.

Take care of your personal things.

The loss of personal property is one of the worst things about storm damage. Homeowners may lose things that have sentimental value that they can’t replace, and business owners may lose all the time and effort they put into making their dreams come true. We can’t fix or replace everything that was damaged by storms or water, but we do everything we can to take good care of what’s left and rebuild as much as we can.

Our experts know several ways to repair damage from storms:

  • Immersion cleaning is when we put things in a cleaning product bath and let them soak.
  • Dry cleaning is a gentle method used for pre-cleaning and getting rid of small stains.
  • Wet cleaning, in which our experts take care of moderate and heavy messes.
  • Abrasive cleaning is a way to clean things by scrubbing them.
  • For delicate things that can’t be cleaned the usual way, spray and wipe.
  • Foam cleaning, for furniture that might bleed or shrink if cleaned in the usual way

We do our best to fix as many of your things as possible so you don’t have to buy new ones.

Sometimes the damage from floods and storms is so bad that we have to clear out whole rooms to fix them. Our agents can pack and move your things for you, so you don’t have to hire a separate company to do it. We do this to speed up the repair and remodeling work and keep your things from getting damaged without reason. When we’re done making your space look better, we put everything back where you want it.

When you get back to your home or place of business, you may find electronic items that have been broken or ruined by water. You don’t want to risk getting an electric shock or doing more damage by handling these things yourself. We have fixed damage and corrosion on computers, DVD players, and TVs in the past to make them work again. To make sure we do a good job, we work with skilled electronics technicians.

What should be done about broken pictures and important papers? Don’t worry, we’ll fix those, too. We can’t promise that documents and images will be completely restored, but we do everything we can to protect them. We use vacuum thermal drying, air drying, dehumidification, vacuum freeze-drying, and freezer drying as some of the methods we use.

One of our goals is to do as much of the cleanup and repair work as possible ourselves so you don’t have to hire other companies, but we know we can’t do everything. For instance, you might need to file a claim with your insurance company to get back on your feet. If you need to call your insurance company and we move things off your property, we keep a detailed list of everything we move so that you can rest easy and make a proper claim. In particular, our technicians make accurate and detailed lists and give you a list of your items and their value before they were lost. If you have to prove your claims, we can help you with that as well.

Mold Removal & Remediation

Mold is a serious issue when there is water present. Even if a home looks to be recovered after substantial storm damage or undamaged by a flood or storm, the existence of residual and hidden moisture might cause a mold problem. Mold cleanup services are provided by Eagle Water Damage Restoration to handle irritants and allergies that may go unnoticed and ignored for longer than required, putting you and your family or workers at danger.

Your commercial or residential property may not look harmed during a flood or storm. Everything may appear to be in order, but there might be mold or mildew growing inside your walls, basement, or other places of your house that you cannot see. If you detect a musty stench, it might be due to mold. If you reside in a humid environment or have high levels of indoor humidity, you must be extremely cautious about mildew and mold. Allow us to do an in-depth assessment of your company or home to discover if there is a possible problem.

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